Integrated Space created by Application of Tiles

In Pokfulam village, we can easily spot items, furniture and structures in nearly all public space. These private properties are not placed to occupy the public area but served to provide villages with better spatial quality. Long benches and rain shelters are the most common examples of private properties that appear in the common area.

Tiles spread out to the road is a special example we can find in Pokfulam village. The owners of the house tried not only pave the piles in the front door area but also covered the public walkway. The tiles which originally as an indicator of private space is now integrated with the public area and created a special kind of space.

This kind of integrated space give out a sense that the whole village is united by the individuals, that the relationship between the villagers are very intimate so that they can give out their private property to offer a better environment and quality of living to other villagers while making the visitors feel like isolated.

s_hoyuming_systems diagram s_hoyuming_systems-map-diagrams.jpg system_hoyuming_system map 1 s_hoyuming_system-map-2.jpg