Pokfulam Village Timeline


Pokfulam Village is one of the existing traditional settlements on the highly urbanized Hong Kong Island. The history of the village can be traced back to 1973。 Some of the tangible and intangible heritage still exist and are being practiced nowadays. However, the urge of developing the Pokfulam district and raising living standard threat the existence of the village and its heritage. Therefore, it is essential to identify and understand the cultural significance and systems of the village in order to improve the living environment and conserve the heritage in an appropriate way. Some historians and heritage consultants consider Pokfulam Village as the “Last Village on Hong Kong Island”. Pokfulam Village is a major part of the cultural landscape of Pokfulam district. Besides those declared or graded monuments (Douglas Castle, Bethanie Monastery, 128 Pokfulam Road , etc.) in Pokfulam, many intangible and tangible heritages are present in the Village. Tangible heritages include but not limit to traditional village houses, village setting, LiLing Divine Pagoda , Fire Dragon, Hay Storage. Intangible heritages include but not limit to LiLing Divine Festival, Fire Dragon Dance.