Community Kitchen

In Pokfulam Village, kitchens are usually very small such that only can fit in one person. With the space limitation, only one person can do the cooking and all tools are linearly distributed.But I found that villagers like to Barbecue at weekends and they enjoy the eating out and cooking together experience a lot. And eventually, it becomes the village main social activity. Therefore, I would like to celebrate the eating out social culture and encourage the cooking together experience.

The design idea is to fragment the cooking process more people cook. Therefore, this kitchen is composed by two carts- Preparation Cart and Cooking Cart. By the flexibility in arrangement and unfolding surfaces, the cart can be the table itself and response to different site configuration including narrow pathway and crossroad. Besides, the kitchen is movable with specially-designed wheels such that it could overcome the varying topography of the village and move around freely.





Model overview


Model zoom in 01


Model zoom in 02