Recycling Center in Pokfulam Village

Base on all the research we have done before, we have to produce our final design. My design is a recycling centre. An alternative to cope with the trash. Instead of investigating the trash collection system, it is more sustainable to develop a waste recycling system in the village with less unwanted materials go to the landfill.


Inner part of the village.
Narrower lanes. Stacks of materials.


Main road at boundary of the village.
More space for storage and work.


Investigation on the categories of home waste in the village


Set up cart stations and new location for the recycling center.

Recycling is an industry.The recycling system in the village need to be expanded. It should be well organised and systematic.

Design details and location of the Cart Stations

Cart Stations in Pokfulam Village_A1_S

How the system work with the cart stations and the recycling center?

1)Unwanted materials are transferred to the recycling centre by the carts borrowed from the cart stations.

2)Materials are disassemble, sorted in the centre by the recyclers.

3)Valuable materials are sold to the recycling company. Reusable materials are displaced,and villagers can get them for free. Trash disposed to the landfill would be greatly reduced.



A Rewarding Scheme

3)To encourage villagers to involve into the recycling industry, when villagers transfer the electric appliances to the centre, they can get the coupon to exchange for the free repairing services provided by the recyclers on other electric appliance in the future.



Model of the Section of the location of the recycling center


Inner part with programs of the recycling center. 1


Inner part with programs of the recycling center. 2


Inner part with programs of the recycling center. 3