From Squatter Area To Eco-Village


Pokfulam Village is one of the oldest village in Hong Kong Island. Although there are nearly 3000 villagers, there is still no public sewage system. The wastewater produced by the villagers flow into the Waterfall Bay directly, without any treatment. It damages the beautiful village and causes many hygienic problems. Therefore, it is necessary to find a way to tackle the sewage problem. Instead of using the traditional sewage system, i.e. treating sewage by a sewage treatment plant, treating sewage inside the village through living machines may also be a good method. Wastewater will be treated by plants and then the cleaned, non potable water can be reused for flushing toilets. As this method results in large area of green space, it creates a new recreational space for villagers.

final desgin panel_LUIKAYI

final desgin panel_LUIKAYI

final desgin panel_LUIKAYI

final desgin panel_LUIKAYI

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Model plan view


Model elevation


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