The Forgotten Settler

The Forgotten Settler

With little knowledge of Pok Fu Lam Village, the first impression I got upon visit was the feeling of isolation. The unique setting and architecture of Pok Fu Lam village had separated itself from the surroundings. Its sunken landscape had also made it more enclosed and detached.

The history of Pok Fu Lam Village could be dated back to the 17th century, when Mainland Chinese fled China and settled in this area.

There are a lot of traces in the village that reflect how villagers settle and adapt to the surroundings, these are also evidence of time process of how the village had transformed.


In my photo diary, I have focused on different objects and materials settling into the landscape or surroundings, which to me is an echo to the experience of the villagers and also a reflection of the development of the area.


There are many random pieces in Pok Fu Lam Village that are being abandoned at different stages of time. Some of them are rather obvious and separated from its surrounding, whereas the others are being submerged into the landscape forming rich layers.
These objects to me are very fascinating as they reflect the different process of settlement, which may be contributed by factors such as climate, weather process and human interactions etc.


Pok Fu Lam Village is on the edge of being demolished, the laws being enforced to the area has made the living condition hard for the villagers. People seemed to have forgotten about the rich history and the vibrant cultures this village bears.


Given the condition of Pok Fu Lam Village, and the demand in land in Hong Kong, what is the future of the village?

Iris Ng